2014- A reflection - Stephanie O'Callaghan Photography

2014! What an amazing year. Don't get me wrong there have been some particularly tough moments, but when I look back over everything I have done I could not have been more proud. I never thought I would have a chance in the world of fashion photography, but slowly and surely I can see my dreams becoming a reality. At the beginning of the year I had the chance to work at London Fashion Week and intern with Karen Millen, these really opened doors for some amazing shoots I got to work on in the later part of the year, including a fashion piece for Hunger and an editorial for Indian Harpers Bazaar.

Some of my most exciting weekends were spend down in West Sussex on the Goodwood Estate. Thanks to my lovely friend Nicole, I attended every racing event as a Photographer or Photo Editor Assistant. I am not particularly into cars, but the atmosphere at these events is incredible and it really pushed me as a photographer. Consequently my photographs have appeared on the Goodwood and Telegraph websites, and I have been recently informed that one photograph is being used for a 300,000 collateral print piece.

I wish someone had told me this is what I could expect after graduating from University. Watching my friends fall into high paid graduate schemes whilst I slog away at numerous unpaid shoots was not easy. But some times you need take a step back, stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and reflect on everything that you have managed achieved. (cue emotional blog post.)

I spent 5 months at a start-up fashion business internship learning about advertising, marketing, street photography and management, following this I took the scary step to go freelance in September. These last three months have been some of the most stressful and terrifying, but with ambition and hard work comes rewards. I have met two fantastic Fashion Photographers Roberto Aguliar and Thurstan Redding who I have had the opportunity to assist with on a regular basis. (Thurstan has some very exciting stuff coming up in January!) Alongside this, I have shot a AW15 fashion line with Lui, attended many weddings and cuddled lots of squishy babies.

...With this in mind, bring on 2015!