Day_2 - Stephanie O'Callaghan Photography

Blogvember / Day 2

Well that filled day one out pretty well, now to actually commit with some real photographs.

Back in March I did a shoot with Bethnals. Through assisting I’ve worked quite a lot over the last couple of years with these guys. They make great unisex demin which you can find on ASOS and Mel and Chloe are such lovely girls, I was honoured to be asked to shoot their launch campaign for their SS16 collection.

We had previously shot their SS16 lookbook, but for the launch they wanted to do something a little different. Press were invited not only to come and look at the clothes but try them on and style them how they would wear them. We were based at Our/London which is a fab vodka distillery, we set up a mini studio in the corner and photographed people styling their bethnals look through out the evening. The lovely Fenn O’Meally filmed it all if you want to have a look.

I love photographing different people, they all have different stories and different approaches to the camera, the Bethnals campaign is below.

Happy Blogvember, day two complete.

Steph. x